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Shalom Farms + Richmond City Health District

I collaborated with mOb students, Richmond City Health District, and Shalom Farms to design a shelving unit for small convenience stores to sell fresh local produce from Shalom Farms.  I expanded on student designs, created visual building instructions to be used by volunteers, and budgeted the project.


 UnMonumental, a podcast born of NPR's Finding America series, examines how Richmond, Virginia remembers its past.  I designed and built a pop-up storytelling booth designed to double as public engagement tool and mobile exhibition space for UnMonumental.  The booth now lives at the Richmond Public Library, where it can be reserved for recording.  Check out the podcast here.

"How Small Structures Fill Big Gaps in Food Access"

I designed a shelving unit for Tricycle Gardens to install in local corner stores that would help expand access to healthy food in low income neighborhoods.  I had the opportunity to speak about this project at the 2016 Association for Community Design Conference.

Education signage for school groups and volunteers on the farm

Education signage for school groups and volunteers on the farm

I managed a team of student designers to develop concepts for renovations of the interior, exterior, and and landscape of abandoned government housing in Richmond's neighborhood, Mosby.  Commissioned by Our House, an organization that helps bring economic opportunities to Mosby residents, the new apartments will be renovated using workers from the neighborhood and, when completed, rented at an affordable rate to residents of the community.